Below, is a representation of our standard CONSIGNMENT contract.
This is NOT to be printed or used as a contract.
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Actual contract wording may vary.

The Consignor hereby represents and warrants that they hold full title (or has received, in writing, the authorization by any necessary parties) to sell the items they are consigning for sale. The Consignor also hereby releases the Store from all future involvement, liability, and responsibility from any possible copyright or trademark infringement actions instigated against the Consignor. The Consignor accepts total and sole responsibility for compliance to any and all copyright and/or trademark laws pertaining to the items they are attempting to sell.

The Store shall be paid a 'Consignment Fee' (commission) of 30% of the selling price for each item sold from the Consignor merchandise. The sales month typically ends at closing time on the last Saturday of each month, with December being the only exception. The sales month of December shall always terminate on the last calendar day of December, regardless of the day of the week

Every attempt will be made to have Consignor payouts available within seven business days from the end of each sales month. This payment will be made to the Consignor (or to a previously authorized agent of the Consignor) by the Store and will be available for pickup no more than for sixty days from the end of the sales month being paid. After the sixty calendar day window elapses, all unclaimed Consignor payment money is forfeited by the Consignor and the money reverts back to the Store. No payouts for any month will be available after sixty calendar days from the end of the sales month.

This contract shall be binding for ninety consecutive and successive calendar days, commencing on the DATE OF CONTRACT ACTIVATION as shown above. After the initial ninety calendar day term, this contract shall automatically terminate and be null and void, unless both parties agree to extending this contract on a 'month to month' basis, with termination possible after a thirty day written notice by either party is given.

The Consignor shall be solely and completely responsible for the physical removal, and all expenses and costs associated with the removal of any unsold merchandise within the showroom at the termination of this contract. All unsold items MUST be removed within seven calendar days after termination of this contract. Failure of Consignor to remove their unsold items within the seven calendar day time frame will result in the total forfeiture of ownership by the Consignor for the items not removed. Ownership and all rights associated with ownership of the unsold items shall be automatically transferred to the Store, and be unchallenged by the Consignor if items are left within the showroom after the aforementioned seven day period.

The price of each item offered for sale is determined by the Consignor. The item price, in addition to the 'Vendor Number', (as assigned by Northwest Consignments), must be legibly written in ink on the item tag. The Store will furnish item tags at no cost to Consignor. Each individual item MUST have an accepted Item Tag affixed to it with the VENDOR NUMBER, a BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEM, and the ITEM PRICE being CLEARLY written on one side, with the price of the item also printed on the reverse side of the tag. Failure to comply may result in non-payment for sales.

The Store represents and warrants that they shall maintain insurance coverage sufficient to compensate the Consignor for the fair market value of the Consignor owned items in the event of damage or destruction due to fire, flood, or other natural causes, provided a detailed and accurate inventory is produced to the Store by the Consignor, if requested, after such an event. The Consignor hereby releases the Store from any and all financial liabilities and losses that may occur due to misplacement of items, theft, vandalism, or breakage.

The Store retains full control over the display of all consigned items, and shall display them as the Store sees fit without any approval needed from the Consignor. The Consignor is expressly prohibited from creating, or being the cause of, any modification of any type, to any part of the building structure or any display racks located at 224 South Main Street, Seneca, Pennsylvania. This includes but is not limited to painting, staining, carving, drilling holes, inserting fasteners of any type, or adding/removing of any material to any part of the booth and/or building structure. No changes of ANY KIND shall be made by the Consignor.

Any electrical items consigned may or may not be activated/powered within the showroom, based solely on the discretion of the Store. The management of Northwest Consignments holds full and final determination as to if any device is permitted to be activated/powered while displayed within the store. No heating, cooling, cooking, or other 'high draw' (high amperage) device shall ever be permitted to be powered within the showroom other than by a member of the management of the Store. The Store retains the right to remove any device from a display without prior notice to the Consignor.

The Store reserves the right to refuse display of any item, remove any item, and/or refuse any item from being sold through the store. The Store may remove any item from the sales floor, for any reason, at any time, without advanced notice to the Consignor. Be it known that Northwest Consignments will not consign items such as, (including but not limited to), tobacco related products or equipment/paraphernalia, unlawful drugs or equipment/paraphernalia, firearms (other than non-working/toy/replica), no ammunition or explosive devices of any kind. Additional items we cannot display include but are not limited to are any size or type of upholstered furniture, stuffed animals/dolls, filled blankets/comforters, clothing (other than 100% nylon items), or any item deemed by Store management to be, or to potentially be, highly controversial, or slanderous to any race, color, gender, or creed of people.

The routine hours of operation for the store shall be determined by the management of Northwest Consignments, and may change at any time without advance notice. We base our routine schedule on consumer trends, local events, and many other factors. If the store is closed for any unexpected occurrence of any nature, no compensation will be made to the Vendor for the loss of potential income/sales

No modification of this Agreement shall be valid unless said modification is in writing and agreed upon by both Parties. For any modification to be valid, both parties, (Consignor and the Store), must sign the modification.

The Consignor and all parties associated with the Consignor, shall not participate in any unlawful activities if the activity could connect the Store with the unlawful activity. The Consignor and all parties associated with the Consignor shall never defame, degrade, or involve NORTHWEST CONSIGNMENTS, it's owner/staff, their volunteers, or any vendor associated with the Store, in any unlawful activities. No unlawful or socially unacceptable action by the Consignor and all parties associated with the Consignor, be permitted to occur when within the Store, or upon the parcel of land where the structure housing the Store is situated.

The Store may, at it's discretion and expense, use the Consigned item(s) for advertising in various media. The Consignor hereby agrees toa and fully permits Northwest Consignments, full and complete authorization, and approval to use any and all images, videos, and descriptions of their merchandise for the purpose of advertising, with no compensation of any kind being paid to the Consignor.

This Agreement and the interpretation of its terms, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the laws of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in the COUNTY OF VENANGO, being situated within the COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA.

The above document is for reference only.
The above document is not a contract - just a reference document.
Terms and conditions within actual contract may vary from the above.