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Our "VENDOR PROGRAM" is a great choice for clubs and small businesses, as well as for those individuals or families who have a lot of items to sell and don't want a bunch of strangers walking around at anyone's home.

FOR THE INDIVIDUAL, GROUP, OR FAMILY: Just look at how much security you lose by having a yard sale or garage sale! You have all those strangers nosing around, and you never know how many of those 'shoppers' are just looking for property to steal!

FOR A SMALL BUSINESS: It's a perfect way to grow your business! You get a low cost retail space at a permanent location, within a historic building to market your product through. We even do FREE advertising for our Vendors!

With our standard booth, you get an area which is about 64 square feet large, being approximately eight feet wide by approximately eight feet deep. We also offer great flexibility for vendor spaces with our "economy" sized vendor spaces. With limited availability, these smaller spaces have a great price per square foot and may be the key to moving your merchandise.

Choosing the "VENDOR PROGRAM" gives you the freedom to set up your space however you feel best displays the items you wish to sell. You also get an electrical connection and overhead lighting included with your standard booth rental. For the economy booths, elecric and individual booth lighting is not available for all booths.

All spaces are rented on a "first come, first rented" basis, with the initial contract effective for 90 consecutive days. After that, the contract renews monthly until proper notice is given for terminating rental space. We do offer longer term contracts, which may get you a discounted rate!

Eventually, we will have our booth availability shown here, but for now, you need to email us to know what spaces we have.

For full details, just EMAIL US.

A signed contract is required with
Northwest Consignments before we can sell any items. The information required for the contract is your legal name, your 'DBA' (if applicable), legal mailing address, and an active phone number. An email address is strongly requested.


8' wide x 8' deep


$65 a month

4' wide x 8' deep


$35 a month

Economy Booth*


$25 a month

A 10% Commission On Sales
Is The Only Additional Charge

* ECONOMY BOOTHS are various sizes and configurations - Stop in to see availability

Booth Rental prices may change without notice!

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